‘The latest developments in sustainability’

We are in the process of confirming our full speaker line-up. Check back soon!

Day 1

Wednesday 2nd November 

Session 1:

A Taxing Year

Plastic Packaging Tax - How has the industry been coping with this year’s legislation and what has the effect been so far? Plastic alternatives – It’s clear that plastic has many benefits and has been a victim of its own success. Are any new materials up to the job? Compostable / Biodegradable packaging – what progress has been made with packaging and infrastructure?

Session 2:

Tapping into new trends

e-commerce packaging - Striking the balance between protection and environmentally friendly. How brands are adapting to new shopping trends Use of recyclable plastic and paper for cushioning, bag-in-box etc. What progress is being made in the challenging e-grocery shopping category where material choice is key? How far has paper pack barrier protection come?

Session 3 :

Emitting the right message

Is the industry doing all it can to reduce carbon emissions and is it able to relay the message to consumers? Is there enough focus on working on carbon footprint in the industry? Should the industry be more vocal in its role on carbon reduction?

Day 2

Thursday 3rd November

Session 1:

Recycling:  Green solution or “red herring”? Where are we now?

Are packaging producers prepared for EPR and how effective will it be? Is more uniformity needed at local authority level in order to deliver better recycling rates? Is the industry being clear enough with labelling? How's progress with flexibles recycling? Where are we on the route to a circular economy of packaging materials? Does EPR ultimately mean the consumer will pay more at the tills. Does the industry need to move away from the perception that some materials are ‘bad’ and others are ‘good’

DRS - What kind of Deposit Return Scheme would work best?

Session 2:

Refillables revisited

How beneficial are refillable / reusable packs and stations proving to be? Has uptake increased? If not what more should be done? Is there any further data on lifecycle analysis of refillable systems? Do we have a better idea of their carbon impact?

Session 3:

The big takeaway

The challenges of on-the-go recycling. How far are different/new materials coming along in the on-the-go sector? How can local authorities improve bin availability & collection to increase recycling in the on-the-go sector?