Louise Manning
Louise Manning
Professor of Agri-food and Supply Chain Security
Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester

Professor Louise Manning has worked for over 35 years in the agri-food supply chain in a range of roles. Her expertise is in the area of food security and food integrity including food safety, food quality, food crime, policy and governance, social and corporate responsibility, resilience, risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Louise has carried out projects for government bodies and companies throughout Europe and Africa. This work includes strategic risk analysis and mitigation for both corporate organisations and public bodies. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals, authored book chapters and written and edited books in the subject area. Louise's research work also involves undertaking desktop reviews; qualitative and quantitative fieldwork including focus groups, workshops and in-depth interviews, questionnaire design and analysis, strategic framework, communication systems and model design and developing tools to drive risk communication and engagement of stakeholders at all levels of the supply chain. Louise is active in social media posting regularly on LinkedIn and with a food safety blog Food Safety Chat and tweets about food issues on Twitter as @foodsafetyljm

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