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David Tonkin
David Tonkin
Project & Portfolio Manager
Muller UK

David left University in 1995 with a degree in politics. A spell in packaging procurement and three years at Iceland followed, before David spent eleven years in the dairy industry working at Dairy Crest and Muller. During that time David completed an MSc in Packaging Technology from Loughborough University. In 2012 David left Muller to join one of the largest food manufacturers in the UK - 2 Sisters Food Group as Group packaging development manager working across ambient, chilled and frozen sectors for both brand and retail. This provided a wide variety of associated packaging materials and processes that can only be described as the packaging equivalent for being a kid in a sweetshop; both an eye-opening and fulfilling experience. In 2017 David returned to Muller in the role of project and portfolio manager for Muller UK & Ireland where his packaging role is customer facing, covering group wide projects, leading the navigation through the plastics debate, and managing the UK brand and private label print teams.